Living magic with a fantastic group of people on one of the most beautiful islands. 


Are you ready?

To gain a deeper understanding of who you are underneath the constantly changing flow of live?
Get clarity, true stability and a direct connection with love.

You will be guided into a life changing adventure in which you drop everything you don't need any longer.
You will deepen your meditation, reconnect with yourself and others, enjoy beautiful hikes, breathe in the fresh breeze of sea air and lots more.
Let's celebrate the joy of truly meeting others, in one of the most nourishing environments.

For who?

You know there is so much more possible then what we are told to.

You are eager to learn, open, and curious on how life will unfold. 

You play with life, feeling truly alive.

No need to control and ready to surrender to the flow of life. 

You dare to live on the edge, and are enchanted by the magic that is possible.  


Free yourself from limiting beliefs to amp up your game and create the life that is meant for you. 


Welcome home.



This retreat established a way in which I want to live. A life full of love, transparency, laughter. After 3 days the group was already so fine tuned and connected. 


“ I loved the variation in the program: meditation, silence, sharing, dancing, going outside, exercises, writing, and I loved the food! Your love and care was shining through all of what we did and that is absolutely magical to me. “


This retreat was a great experience. The level of awareness that Rashma has, creates so much space to open up for everybody, to feel save and contribute. 

Meet the retreat host

Rashma Lalita

I work intuitively with a clear direction. I make people aware. I see, sense and shine a spotlight on what's most natural and joyful to people. I am a purpose activator and inspiration integrator. I help people connect and embody their most fulfilling inspiration.

This retreat includes

P r a c t i c a l   i n f o r m a t i o n

  • A week guidance of a professional trainer


  • Group sessions to investigate your natural self and become aware of where you hold yourself back

  • A safe and loving environment for you to feel at home 

  • A private one on one session with Rashma on request to reflect and to deepen your process

  • Guided meditations to connect with your inner silence

  • Physical movements to awaken your energy and feel alive

  • Hikes on the island to immerse yourself in the beautiful energy of Ibiza

  • Nourishing vegan dishes to take care of your body, cooked by our private vegetarian chef

  • Fruits, snacks and drinks are available for you

  • Accomodation in a luxurious, authentic Ibiza house surrounded by nature


Flight and transportation to the venue

Optional massage by one of the best massage therapists on the island.


Arrival at 5pm on the 25th of August

Departure at 11 am on the 31st of August

Price (incl VAT)

4 person room €1050   

Double room €1250


Santa Eulalia, Ibiza 

Dare to drop it all 

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